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Our Goal and Guild Style : Is to strive for a top ranked guild and keep a good friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. I cannot promise no drama but i can promise to keep it as drama-free as possible. I would love to see us back in the spot light top ranked and doing bosses to outfit our wonderful guildies in the armor they deserve and we will implement a point system at some point it has the base here on the site. This will be for things we farm as a guild via lapis Armors from bosses Weapons and anything that may be donated to the guild house once we get it open. If you put forth your  part in the guild you will be rewarded just same as the next player. i Believe that all guildies should be treated as equals just like a family so u can say this is a family based guild. We have a good group of members and our guild chat may get a little Mature at times. We all like to play around and hopefully you do to besides you come to this game to play right? I would hope so with that in mind i would like to say this is Just a game please dont take anything to serious. If saomething happens in real life take care of it up most about us real life comes before the game. we have all been to that point Of being tired of the game. But we enjoy it so we came to Blood Lust to make it where if you need a break take it Without fear of being booted from guild or disciplinary measures taken against you for sitting the game down for a little bit. And i as your leader and your officers will Do our best to Up hold a good reliable respected leadership of the guild.

 A big one is that u have a brain and can do things on your own.Guild ranking battle will be held on saturdays at 3pm est and i hope to see you all there yes i know its a drag but you will get 1 guild point for being at grb (when the points are implemented) but this shouldnt make you come to GRB your guild pride should be so with that said please come to guild ranking battle some instances are understood 

Updates: We as the Guild Lead and Officers will Update this regularly for when we do Bosse's Oi runs you name it and anything that we think is pressing info for you to keep in the loop 

Getting Members Here: Yes getting new members remeber always recruit we are not like AZ the top Guild we all started as a newb so we should help the newbs learn everyone will get the due resepect newb or not as a guild member. And remeber as a guild we cannot do it with just 4 or 5 people We got to have a player base to teach and run to get to the top Bosses take more then one person to kill Guild ranking takes alot the more you have the more points you will rank with due to all the people killing in GRB now if you would like to see yourself do Bosses Events all that stuff we Have to recruit players so we can do them. 

With all that said and put down Welcome To Blood Lust hopefully Your new home and we take pride in our guild i hope to see you on the guild list in game 
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jjlong, Apr 17, 11 5:14 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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